Saturday, June 19

Diva Demands

Recently my neighbours at Ted and Bunny organised a Very Vintage Giveaway and asked me to draw the prizewinners.
Of course I accepted as they needed a Personality (that cat isn't photogenic at all), and although I was well treated and given a slap-up lunch afterwards, I'm thinking about getting an agent for future Public Appearances as I have a list of Diva Demands befitting my new status:-

Firstly a pair of these Ray-Bans so I'm not
recognised in public.
I think the red frames will match my comb perfectly.
Some diamante drops (they'd need to be clip-ons) so that if I am recognised I'm suitably attired,

and a good manicurist to sort these out- perhaps I should have false nails? 

A smart dressing-room like this,
(with a separate annexe for my assistant Martina)

filled with an unlimited supply of my favourite pasta.

And last but by NO means least, THIS hunk for my minder.

Am I being unreasonable?


  1. Oh my, this is great. It is going on my reader right as not to miss a one...My hens must never know about this, they are such snobs as it is. What about the pasta? Do you just give it raw? I am forever looking for new treats to keep the beaks occupied.

  2. Those demands don't seem too unreasonable Henny Penny!! I'm about to paint our chickens house red, as blue is apparently outdated for the old hens now! And I think they want bunting to match! Tamzin X

  3. Henny Says...

    Sherri B: cook the pasta al dente and serve cold. Fusilli spirals are nicest, spaghetti takes too long to beak up!

    Tamzin: Bunting! Your hens are bang on trend, I think bunting rather befits a Celebrity don't you- perhaps I should get some with stars on?

  4. Henny Penny, i'm your fan! (not only because you picked me as a runner up). iloveyourhouse!XX

  5. Good luck Henny Penny, I think your demands are more than reasonable now you have true international celeb status!
    Ann x

  6. Now thats a hen that knows what she wants! And bunting did I hear bunting? I know someone not too far away who has a nice string with spots on!!

  7. Goodness me Henny, are you saying you didn't have all those things already? You need a new manager!!


  8. Start as you mean to go on Hennypenny, start as you mean to go on...................

  9. Good luck, Hennypenny, you deserve it !

  10. Dear Hennypenny
    I was lucky enough to be introduced to you when you had just arrived.If only I had known of your future fame I would have obtained your autograph there and then. However, I suppose that now you have great fame you will no longer be handing out any favours. I shall however, read your blog adamantly!!!

  11. Henny Says

    Ilovemyhouse: Ilovemycoop

    Winnibriggshouse: You mean she's been holding out on me with spotty bunting?

    Thanking the rest of you so much for your support, this is great fun (and Martina is VERY jealous!) xx

  12. Dearest Hennypenny,
    You little diva you, do you think that maybe you could do some interviews with Bruce the Horse for one of your next posts please?
    I know you are the famous one of the family, but he does look very handsome and I would love to see some more of him too...x

  13. Henny Says...

    Emma: Oh dear, Bruce the Horse has got VERY big feet, but maybe I could stand on a hay bale!
    Yes, I will try to do an interview with him- we have a shared interest in food and take turns to share the veg and bread scraps (but he doesn't get the pasta!)

  14. this is the first blog by a hen I have followed...good luck.....
    (must be mad)x

  15. Henny Says:

    Hi John, thanks for leaving a message on my blog- did you mean you're mad, I'm mad or SHE'S mad?? ;O)
    Keep your pecker up xx

  16. hahahah...I should have read one post or two further along for nails.... ...hahahha.... hilarious!


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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