Wednesday, June 16

Our Country Residence

"Architect" designed (sketches on back of shopping list), made from recycled and re-sourced materials (pallets) and erected by a local builder (Ted), our Henny Annexe is cool in summer and snug as a bug (yum) in winter.

We have a lovely patio for sunning ourselves with a canopy over
(old enamel-topped kitchen table) and an al-fresco buffet, although our water-feature appears to be a

A disabled ramp leads up to our chalet bedroom (the shed), as steps would be impossible for me to manage with my gammy leg.

We have an unpleasant neighbour called Mr Fox.
He works mainly at night and sleeps during the day, so we generally spend early mornings and evenings pottering around "at home" to avoid bumping in to him, and keep the gate firmly shut in case he comes to visit.

Later in the day we venture out to help with gardening, grab a salad or sandwich for lunch and nap in the sunshine.

Quite different to my life when I was working full-time!


  1. Hennypenny's blog, so cute !
    I'm looking forward to read your stories.
    Thanks for picking my name with the draw !

  2. Hello Sylvia,
    thankyou for leaving a comment- my blog just needs some finishing touches ready for it's launch-day.
    I thought I was very clever to pick out the draw winners- I bet Martina couldn't have done it!
    Love, Hennypenny

  3. I loved your post and the great pics.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thus letting me find you.

  4. Dear Miss Henny Penny
    I dearly love your blog. It shows both how very smart you are, and what a lovely sense of humor you have. I look forward to following your literary efforts in the future. Thank you for an enjoyable read. YOur enclosure is very clever, and I wish you best of luck at avoiding Mr. Fox.
    Best wishes to you and Martina. Judy


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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