Friday, June 25

Where are you now?

Friendships formed at work are funny- you say that you'll keep in touch no matter what, but somehow it doesn't happen.
Most of the girls I worked with in Egg Production started the same day as me- in fact we were at the Rearing Unit together and had been friends since fluffy chicks.
Our work-stations at the Egg Factory were quite small with five of us sharing the same space, so we were (quite literally) working on top of one another most of the time.
With duties completed first thing in the morning, we hung out for the rest of the day chatting.
Meals were sent round from the canteen, and with no housework to do or nests to build the time did drag.

Although productivity had slowed redundancy came as a bit of a shock, but with the generous offer of a short-term alternative in Processing and Packaging, we felt our futures were certain.
The day of The Move was very hectic and our transport was loaded to capacity. Some fretted about their lack of feathers, but the man said they would soon have something called "cellophane" to keep them warm.
Due to an unfortunate mishap I missed boarding (I'll tell you the whole story later) but I knew we would all speak again soon.

So where are they now?


  1. Henny Penny. My name is Bertha and I almost choked on my morning cracked corn when I read this post, by the way congrats on the new blog my people made some snide remark when I asked for one,..anyway, I had a similar experience and maybe we can compare notes someday...Maybe I can do a post on The Little House blog if I beg enough. Good Luck.

  2. I want to see Henny Penny in Waterstones signing copies of her book x

  3. Hennypenny, I am so please that you missed boarding, and now have a wonderful new life with a family that keep you warm with straw and not cellophane...x

  4. Oh Hennypenny, I'm glad that you have a warm and cosy home now and can scratching in a nice garden !

  5. Henny Says:

    Bertha- I do hope Sherri will let you do a post of your own.

    Cheap2Chic- Waterstones? I think my book signing would have to be in HATCHards London Bookshop!

    Emma- what is cellophane?

    Sylvia- we love scratching up the garden!

  6. I know how you feel Hennypenny, "will keep in touch and then no sign of anyone anymore". So glad that you found a new warm home.Please keep blogging, iloveyourstyle XX

  7. I'm so very pleased you missed boarding.

    We were offered the alternative of a magical mystery tour and thank goodness we took it. There were 10 of us White Girls but your neighbour Mr Fox has relatives in our area who took a liking to our sisters and now there are only 3 of us originals left,we do, however, have 'posh' new sisters who have never experience the battery or intensive free-ranging work places!

    Love you Blog, our Mum has never given us one of our own although we do pop up from time to time on hers.

    Jemima, Little Lovely and Molly (White Star Hybrids) xxx


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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