Saturday, July 24

EEK! An Intruder!

Yesterday we had an intruder in our chicken run. He jumped off the overhanging tree and found a tiny gap in the wire to squirm through.

I don't mind meeting Woodland Folk, but he ATE OUR DISH OF PASTA, which I think is VERY impolite, even for an uninvited visitor.

Martina wanted to peck him but after all the hoo-ha in the newspapers this week, I didn't fancy a £1500 fine!

Today the fence has been reinforced, so now all I have to worry about is Martina getting more than her fair share. . .after all, it is HENNY PENNE!


  1. What about Martina, spaghettina?Very impolite fellow indeed, he should be glad he survived!
    Have a happy, happy weekend girls with lots of pasta :))) XX

  2. Very good play on words, Henny. The squirrels in our area stay clear of our pen. We don't have any big trees in our yard so they live across the road. My mom pruchased pasta from the market but has yet to get it in a pot, I must speak to her about that as yours looks very tasty.
    Have a good weekend.
    Your Friend,

  3. Oh, that's not funny such an intruder !
    We have them also, they eat all our hazelnuts.
    Glad the fence is fixed now, so you can enjoy your delicious pasta.
    Nice weekend,

  4. Yes I agree! :) Martina deserves to eat her pasta without a nut-loving intruder leaping in from above!..

    Good on her for 'pecking up' for herself!

    xx C

  5. Penne Pasta - I'm Penny & I eat it too ! Lucy would be delighted for you to put her picture here on your blog and that Breeze she gets her beak in everywhere!


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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