Friday, July 9

Faded Floral Fowl

In her recent Birthday Weekend Post, Jane and the Happy Crow showed photos of  a visit to the most FABULOUS Cornish holiday destination, gardens, farm and interiors shop, Trevoole Farm, where even the chickens and ducks are Vintage Styled, with faded floral fabrics covering the roofs of their shabby chic homes.

If I start walking now, how far is it to Cornwall?


  1. Thank you for sharing this photo, Henny. I am going to show this to my mom, as she has been saying that some nice window boxes would be added to the coop since....last summer! Perhaps this will shame her into actually doing it.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Yours friend,

  2. I don't want to give you ideas Henny, but when I had my chickens they had flowering hanging baskets on the side of their house (out of beaks reach of course). xx

  3. I think i finally found my holiday destination. Let's meet there my dear and tok all day! XX

  4. Your hens make me feel quite homesick for the two hens we had on the farm. The were red shavers. They taught me a lot about life. I have an early blog post about my chook philosphy.

  5. Hennypenny says:

    Bertha, window boxes sound fab...grow your own snails!

    Cheap2Chic: perhaps I could stand on a box to reach the hanging baskets?

    Ilovemyhouse: I'll meet you there- you bring the salad and I'll bring the hardboiled eggs xx

    Joan: chook philosophy? - is that like Kentucky Freud Chicken?

  6. Kentucky Freud Chicken..LOL.. a bit anal retentive except when when sneakily visiting in my kitchen and leaving little parcels on the floor. I had a visitor once and we enjoyed a cuppa and a chat and after she had gone .. then I noticed a chooky poo on my floor..did my visitor see it? I'll never know!


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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