Friday, July 16

Bird Brained? Moi?

No, this isn't the latest picture of me and Martina in the garden!

Jimmy Doherty showed an interesting TV program last night called the Private Life of Chickens.
In it he discussed our descendance from Tyrannosaurus Rex, the natural pecking order we form as flocks and our ability to recognise shaped containers holding food treats.

Well- he only needed to ask me!
With the size of eggs I lay I must be T-Rex's grand-daughter!
Pecking Order is all about showing what we could do, rather than what we would do- and it means Martina continues to behave herself and let me have first dibs at the corn.
Any chicken worth her feathers would recognise where treats are hidden within minutes of being asked. . .especially when those treats are mealworms which are our favourite!

He should've made a film called the Private Life of Henny. . .time for my close-up Mr deMille. . .

PS did he REALLY expect to fool us into panic mode by putting a STUFFED fox outside our pen?
Does he think we're bird-brained?


  1. He he, the stuffed fox was quite funny! Although we recently lost one of our chickens to a fox : ( also called Henny.

  2. Now that you mention it. I can see some resemblance. In fact you and i also have things in common,our ability to recognise shaped containers holding FOOD treats. At least you don't have to wear that bikini in two weeks. Have a happy,happy weekend dear Henny.XX

  3. My daughter loves telling people we have three T Rexes running round the garden !

  4. You just be careful you don't turn into a cockerel!

  5. Henny says...

    Tamzin: yes, the stuffed fox had rather a forced smile on his face!
    Hope you found the chicken you lost...

    Linda: At my age I'm more for the one-piece bather rather than a bikini. (Awfully painful to wax a bikini line with feathers!)

    bad penny: does that make them three rexes?

    cheap2chic: Martina is more likely than me to turn into a cockerel- she already crows every time she lays an egg (I think she's just after attention)


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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