Saturday, July 31

Walls have ears? No. . .sheds have eyes!

I thought we had a big enough problem with our squirrel intruder last week, but poor Mabel and Bessie over at Poppy's Place had an even worse experience!

While they were pottering around the garden (as we do), two young foxes had a grandstand view,  perched the roof of the garden shed!

Luckily their mum Jane was on hand to usher the girls to safety.

It brings to mind that old wartime saying beware walls have ears. . .in our case it should be beware sheds have eyes!


  1. oh no - we live in fear of Mr Fox

  2. Poor Mabel and Bessie. It makes my feathers ache just thinking about it...thank God we have the people to take care of those dreadful matters.

    Your Friend,

  3. Good heavens, two of them !
    How awful for Mabel and Bessie, lucky they've got help !

  4. Ooh...enough to make your feathers stand up on end!

  5. I have just read the Henne Penne comment and am in stitches! I gave my girls pasta after reading about it on your blog and came out half an hour later and the whole lot was gone, I could hardly believe it. I know there is a lone fox here as I sometimes see him loping through the fields over the road, but so far he hasn't come any closer (and he'd better not!)

  6. Hi Henny Penny!! I never knew you EGGsisted until just glad i've found you! I also have Henny Pennys, only 2 now though as I gave 5 away on Saturday, boo!!! Anyhow, I shall be keeping in touch. xxx

  7. Foxes are the cutest! My dad once found an abandoned baby fox under his boat when he opened up the barn where it had been stored.. Us kids were in heaven but of course we weren't allowed to take it home. Instead the farmer took it under his wing and raised the fox. It became more like a dog than a fox..

    Though better a fox in the forest than one on the shed... :)

    xx C


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