Friday, August 20

Squatters rights?

Thankyou all very much for your help with my problem last week when Martina comandeered my newly excavated dug-out, causing me to miss out on my favourite dustbath.

I took the advice Bertha gave me about Asserting My Authority .
It must have worked because Martina has been very well behaved ever since.

In return, I've turned a blind eye to her stealing my straw in the middle of the night to replenish her own nest. . . after all, she's the one laying the eggs so she needs a good nights sleep to build up her push-power.

So. . .what tips can you all give me on removing the latest squatter?
I turned my back for one minute to chase a grasshopper and the next moment Kit was curled up sound asleep in my nice fresh crater.

Should I start worrying about a visit from Bruce the Horse?


  1. Dearest Henny Penny,

    We suggest you learn how to bark!

    As for Bruce - we think he might need a slightly bigger dugout to roll in!

    Love & clucks,
    The Country Cottage Chic Chicks,
    Hermione, Tinkerbell & Nutmeg

  2. Dear Henny,

    Our Frederick likes to watch us but has never become so bold as to 'nest' in our space. It appears that your Kit thinks you can't see her because of her camouflage coat. If it is not too much of an inconvenience for you, you might consider it a blessing in descise as this might limit the amount of those pesky mice from eating your grain...You will just have to use your own wisdom (I know you are wise because you took my advice)on this. Please keep us up to date on this matter.

    As for Bruce, if it comes up, I would think you should just get out of his way....You know my dear that we have to choose our battles.

    Your Friend,


  3. Hi Hennypenny,
    we have the same problem here, it's grey and Sylvia calls it 'Moesj', funny name !
    That cat watches what we're having for dinner and often takes a nap there where we used to lay our eggs.
    But we don't mind, after all she's a sweet cat and it looks like Kit is sweet too.
    And a horse, we're afraid we can't help you with that, Henny.
    The Brabançonnes

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  5. Henny says:

    Hermione, Tinkerbell & Nutmeg: thankyou for that advice...woof woof?

    Bertha: "As for Bruce, if it comes up, I would think you should just get out of his way...." you are so wise- I shall give him a VERY wide berth!

    The Brabançonnes: I think Kit might be you think should I politely ask her to move?

    Josh: What exactly would you want me to give away- worms?


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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