Saturday, August 28

Under the Weather

Hello dear readers.

I've been quite poorly this week.
All this rain has made me feel quite literally "under the weather", and I wish I'd finished my moult instead of being partly clothed and partly undressed (unlike Naomi Campbell I can't blame baldness on hair extensions) because this unseasonal damp has caught us all unawares!

Our chicken-house is at the top of the garden, and trees have been felled and cleared in the woods behind with heavy machinery tractors and chainsaws working all day- I've been very upset with the loud noise and all the comings-and-goings.
I wanted to go back into the coop and make a huge nest under the straw but everything rattled with the vibrations.
They put me in a cosy box in the utility room of The House where it was more peaceful, but Martina created such a fuss outside on her own.
When she was allowed in to keep me company she blotted her copybook (and the floor) after eating all the cat's food. . .at least it was fish flavour and not c*****n

Martina suggested calming meditation but I fell asleep, and I did attempt Tai Chi but fell over.
In the end I hid under the hedge and stopped eating. . .I understand henorexia can be brought on with stress.

A lady came and gave me Reiki healing which was very nice and warm, and I've also had Nutri Drop Tonic (horrible- tastes like Marmite) and Rescue Remedy, and natural yogurt to calm any bacteria in my crop.

This morning I feel much brighter- I ate some layers-pellets and breadcrumbs mashed up for my breakfast (chook equivalent of a lightly scrambled egg).

I'm now well on the road to recovery; everyone in The House was very worried about me, they say I'm very sensitive for a hen, but then I am no ORDINARY hen!  ;o)


  1. Oh Hennypenny,
    we had a lot of rain here too. One of us didn't feel well for a few days. It's better and we're glad you're fine now too.
    It seems that they have taken good care of you !
    Cat's food ?? We never tried that.
    Your comments on your previous post are great, it made us laugh !
    See you,
    The Brabançonnes

  2. My Dearest Hennypenny,

    It is a shock to my system to read your dreadful report. I would fly to you this very minute if it weren't for the pesky pond. The only comfort that I can claim from this is that The People are taking good care of you. I can not comment on the other potions, but can say that The Rescue has been used by The Poeple here for Maggie (the chicken poop eating dog) when she had a bout with an allergy to fleas. It calmed her down and she could sleep and so could The People.
    As for the moult, I will confess I can't remember ever looking so is quite distressful indeed.
    We must keep our beaks up and prepare for fall and winter, no time for feeling down. I will be looking forward to your next post where we will find you back to your chipper self.

    Your loyal friend,


  3. What a lovely blog! You do SUCH a nice job of posting, Hennypenny. I do hope you are feeling better and back to your fluffy, healthy, beautiful self SOON!

    No ordinary hen, indeed!


  4. Henny says:
    Dear Brabançonnes: I'm so sorry that one of you wasn't feeling well either- I hope you didn't catch it through reading my post?
    I'm sure that your Person takes very good care of you too, sometimes they can be quite clever can't they, and not at all human-brained after all!

    My dear friend Bertha: that pesky pond is rather large, perhaps we could meet halfway do you think? I'll let you make arrangements as you have answers to most things xx

    Nancy K: Thankyou for leaving a comment, and for your very kind words (puffed up with pride here). I tried to make a return comment but can't find a contact for you.
    Perhaps we'll meet again? xx

  5. Dear Henny, We all send you lots of hugs and hope you are back to your usual self soon. How lucky to be allowed in a box in the utility room! Love Hetty, Mabel & Bessie xx

  6. I hope you're soon feeling better Henny, I'm feeling pretty rough myself, after a quick snack I take to my bed and sleep away for a few more hours then I'm usually out and about with the other girls.

    I just cannot get my hair to look good though, my poor comb has gone all floppy, hopefully the good food my human keeps fetching over will do the trick. I'm on Garlic and Spice powder too.....should I be worried...I keep thinking how much my human likes Garlic Kievs!!

    Rachel Rock Chick xx

  7. Hennypenny I see you have not be feeling to well. Awww Hope today finds you feeling lots better?
    Well bit cheeky really, I have popped by to ask you some Hen advice.
    I have for sometime thought it would be really nice to have some Chickens in my garden.
    So after months of thinking about it, I have eventually brought a coop, so all I need now is some feathered friends to fill it. This is where I thought you might be able to help me, as I don't have a huge garden and I am a keen gardener, I wondered what breed of hens you would recommend and do you have any hot tips for beginners? Em x

  8. Oh HennyPenny, I didn't realise you had your own blog! Goodness me the things I have been missing. Have enjoyed going back through all your posts and reading about all your antics and adventures. Hope you are starting to feel better now.


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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