Friday, August 13

what do we do with a problem like Martina?

It was my idea to build a dugout under the hedge

I dug mine and settled in for a good dust bath

and then Martina comes along and has to re-arrange everything

no its not in the right place, not the right size, not deep enough....

and before you know it, she's dug in,

fluffing and huffing and puffing and preening like she's
somebody special

and there isn't room for two. . .in fact with her EGGO there's hardly room for one!

I retreated under the hedge and left her to it.
Just wait til bedtime.
She's not getting any room on the perch!


  1. I love the photo where her eye is closed, such a look of bliss! It's heartbreaking when you think of all the natural habits they don't experience when locked in a battery cage :-((

  2. Aww sweet. We have three chickens and they all love to share their dust baths, often one on top of the other!!
    Tamzin X

  3. Dear Henny,

    I thought I warned you, "give them an inch and they take a mile". Get with the program girl, I have 13 others to keep in line, I beg you to show her who's boss before 'The People' bring in another and they both gang up on you.

    Your Concerned Friend,

  4. Cute all that dugging, fluffing and so on !
    But what will happen on that perch tonight ?!

  5. my five battery hens have not quite learnet this trick of bathing yet!!!!!

  6. What lovely photos. Funny how they always want to dig in the same place. Jane xx

  7. Henny says:

    cheap2cic: the battery cage was horrible, but at least Martina wasn't there!

    Tamzin: don't give her ideas- I don't want her great bulk on top of ME!

    Bertha: thankyou for your concern, am relieved that SOMEONE understands xx

    Sylvia: I relented and let her have a tiny little bit of room on the perch (otherwise she'd have kept me awake all night) xx

    John Gray: Lets hope that when they do learn, they have better manners for their elders- and BETTERS!

    Jane: She ALWAYS wants to dig in the same place. Hmph!

  8. What a cheeky chook!
    Just when you had it all comfy & to your personal taste she just comes along & hijacks it...tut tut! Give them a feather & they'll take a wing!

  9. Well you know Henny my love, there is always one in the family. So what to do, what to do, perhaps next time have a dust bath somewhere that isn't so pleasant, then when Martina comes along you can go bathe in peace where you really wanted to :)
    Keep up all the good work.

  10. Our chickens love to dust bath too! Keeps them cool.

  11. Hi Hennypenny,
    That's a nice blog you have !
    We've heard about the draw, very clever !
    We are the Brabançonnes, a Belgian poultry breed. We're wearing a ring, what do you think about that ?
    You can see us at Sylvia's blog.
    Nice to have met you, give our regards to Martina.
    The Brabançonnes


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