Tuesday, September 14

Thankyou, normality has returned!

thankyou ALL for your kind wishes and concern, I am feeling much better today thankyou, my comb is standing up again and has returned to its nice shade of pinky-red instead of purple, which didn't suit me at all.
Everyone (even Martina) has been very nice to me, and I've had natural yoghurt and grapes to build up my strength, and cider vinegar in my water to help with the bacteria that had built up in my crop.
I rather enjoyed all the pampering, and Martina was quite jealous!
The People said they were quite worried about me, and spoke to the vet who had the cheek to say I was rather old!
I'll be posting again very shortly.
With lots and lots of love
Henny Penny xx


  1. Dearest Henny,

    Well I never....the nerve of your vet to mention age..very rude indeed!

    I bet your People were very concerned. The People here have been talking of vinegar in the water but don't know how much to add. Perhaps you would find out and let me know.

    I hope you will be well now as we must get our strength up as it may be a hard winter.

    Talk to you soon,

    Your friend,

  2. O Henny, I have been away and did not know of your malaise. I am so relieved that your people are kind and knowledgeable,(unlike that vet person) and that they have nursed you back to health.
    An Admirer

  3. Hi Hennypenny, nice you're feeling better now, you look fantastic !
    Hum, rather old ?
    We still managed to lay a few eggs, what would the vet say to that ?
    Take care,
    The Brabançonnes

  4. Henny, your comb is looking very pink and lovely. Must have given Martina a bit of a shock, perhaps now she will treat you with the respect you deserve.
    xxx Sandi

  5. I found myself wondering how she was the other day, then smiled because I was thinking about a chicken on a blog. OK, I know I know!

    It reminds me of many moons ago when I took my precious hen Martha to the vets. Sadly there was nothing they could do and she was put to sleep by injection which cost me £25 (a lot of money to me then). My male friends thought I was mad and said they'd have done it for a fiver!!! Sorry Henny xxxxx

  6. Oh the cheek of it! How dare the vet comment on a ladies age...didn't he know that was considered incredibly impolite? Where ARE his manners one would like to know.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better and I must say your comb looks in fine shape now. :-)

  7. hello,

    Look delish. I’m a big amira basmati rice fan, I throw it into all sorts of dishes. I’ll have to take a look through all those other recipes!!


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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