Wednesday, November 10

Before & After

These days I'm feeling very well and happy. . .
but I just thought you might like to see
the photos below
taken on the day I arrived to stay with The People,
just over one year ago

I felt very weak and wobbly,
I couldn't stand on my poorly leg,
my comb was pale pink and floppy,
 I was cold without my feathers
and not at all waterproof!

I'm very happy here. . .
it's MUCH nicer than the battery
even if I do have to put up with Martina's moods!

and if I wait on the patio
someone always comes out to talk to me
(and give me a tasty treat-
this week its grapes YUM!)


  1. She looks wonderful now, what a transformation. Hennypenny reminds me of Hilda our old chicken we have recently lost...she was my favourite.
    Jo xx

  2. Dearest Henny,

    What a brave girl you are to show the sad photos of how you arrived to The People. I must say your feathers look beautiful and not a hint of the dreaded "M" (I am not quite over it so I won't speak the word).

    I don't mind telling you that you had me quite worried for awhile but I see that with the loving help of The People you are better than ever.

    Stay healthy and happy.

    Your friend,

  3. Poor Henny - but you do look like a model chick now!
    Tinkerbell & Hermione don't look much better than your "before" photo at the moment as they are moulting & look a little plucked! Nutmeg still has all her feathers & is laying a yummy egg a day.

  4. Oh Hennypenny, we're sad looking at these pictures before !
    You look so handsome now, what a luck you could come and live with The People.
    We like grapes too, we had blue ones.
    So nice you're happy now,
    The Brabançonnes

  5. Dear Hennypenny, please give the one that gave you this new look big hug from me!

  6. gosh ! what a difference a bit of TLC can do-well done !


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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