Wednesday, December 15

New life, happy life

These gorgeous little chicks are the first to be
hatched out under a heat lamp over at

they're now 4 weeks old and starting to feather-up

and look like proper little bantams.

How lovely to see them, knowing they'll have
a happy free-range life and not be
imprisoned in a battery cage
like I was, 
and so many other girls still are. . .


  1. Hello Hennypenny,
    they are so cute and indeed happy !
    The Brabançonnes

  2. Thank you for putting us on your Blog Hennypenny. I met a Jack Russell for the first time today and got licked!!

    Love from Pipsqueak (and my six little brothers and sisters). xx

  3. Morning Girls,
    Thought I would pop by and say hello.
    Willow and I are doing very well thank you in our new home, our feathers are all back and we look beautiful. Our family seem to love us very much, when Dottie fell in the pond the other day whilst trying to icestake) Em took her indoors, wrapped her up in a blanket and gave her some nice warm weetabix. Willow said that being dried with a hairdryer was rather nice. I secretly wished I had fallen in the pond too. Hope you both have a lovely Christmas.
    Love Dottie and

  4. These chicks are adorable! I love chickens in general. I did not understand you last comment "imprisoned in a battery cage like I was". What do you mean. I'm happy to say that I am your newest follower. This post leads me to believe you might have a negative experience that you turned positive. I have a new blog where I am getting people to share how they turned negative experiences into positive one. Take a look.

  5. gorgeous....happy easter and happy new year!!

  6. So cute! And how amazing, a Hen writing a blog. Mts Black had to follow.
    Minerva x


I hope your day is Sunny Side Up xx

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