Saturday, July 31

Walls have ears? No. . .sheds have eyes!

I thought we had a big enough problem with our squirrel intruder last week, but poor Mabel and Bessie over at Poppy's Place had an even worse experience!

While they were pottering around the garden (as we do), two young foxes had a grandstand view,  perched the roof of the garden shed!

Luckily their mum Jane was on hand to usher the girls to safety.

It brings to mind that old wartime saying beware walls have ears. . .in our case it should be beware sheds have eyes!

Saturday, July 24

EEK! An Intruder!

Yesterday we had an intruder in our chicken run. He jumped off the overhanging tree and found a tiny gap in the wire to squirm through.

I don't mind meeting Woodland Folk, but he ATE OUR DISH OF PASTA, which I think is VERY impolite, even for an uninvited visitor.

Martina wanted to peck him but after all the hoo-ha in the newspapers this week, I didn't fancy a £1500 fine!

Today the fence has been reinforced, so now all I have to worry about is Martina getting more than her fair share. . .after all, it is HENNY PENNE!

Friday, July 16

Bird Brained? Moi?

No, this isn't the latest picture of me and Martina in the garden!

Jimmy Doherty showed an interesting TV program last night called the Private Life of Chickens.
In it he discussed our descendance from Tyrannosaurus Rex, the natural pecking order we form as flocks and our ability to recognise shaped containers holding food treats.

Well- he only needed to ask me!
With the size of eggs I lay I must be T-Rex's grand-daughter!
Pecking Order is all about showing what we could do, rather than what we would do- and it means Martina continues to behave herself and let me have first dibs at the corn.
Any chicken worth her feathers would recognise where treats are hidden within minutes of being asked. . .especially when those treats are mealworms which are our favourite!

He should've made a film called the Private Life of Henny. . .time for my close-up Mr deMille. . .

PS did he REALLY expect to fool us into panic mode by putting a STUFFED fox outside our pen?
Does he think we're bird-brained?

Friday, July 9

Faded Floral Fowl

In her recent Birthday Weekend Post, Jane and the Happy Crow showed photos of  a visit to the most FABULOUS Cornish holiday destination, gardens, farm and interiors shop, Trevoole Farm, where even the chickens and ducks are Vintage Styled, with faded floral fabrics covering the roofs of their shabby chic homes.

If I start walking now, how far is it to Cornwall?

Friday, July 2

Us poor Supermodels. . .

Oh dear Naomi,
exactly the same thing has happened to me. . .

hair extension damage?
No, just seasononal moult
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