Saturday, August 28

Under the Weather

Hello dear readers.

I've been quite poorly this week.
All this rain has made me feel quite literally "under the weather", and I wish I'd finished my moult instead of being partly clothed and partly undressed (unlike Naomi Campbell I can't blame baldness on hair extensions) because this unseasonal damp has caught us all unawares!

Our chicken-house is at the top of the garden, and trees have been felled and cleared in the woods behind with heavy machinery tractors and chainsaws working all day- I've been very upset with the loud noise and all the comings-and-goings.
I wanted to go back into the coop and make a huge nest under the straw but everything rattled with the vibrations.
They put me in a cosy box in the utility room of The House where it was more peaceful, but Martina created such a fuss outside on her own.
When she was allowed in to keep me company she blotted her copybook (and the floor) after eating all the cat's food. . .at least it was fish flavour and not c*****n

Martina suggested calming meditation but I fell asleep, and I did attempt Tai Chi but fell over.
In the end I hid under the hedge and stopped eating. . .I understand henorexia can be brought on with stress.

A lady came and gave me Reiki healing which was very nice and warm, and I've also had Nutri Drop Tonic (horrible- tastes like Marmite) and Rescue Remedy, and natural yogurt to calm any bacteria in my crop.

This morning I feel much brighter- I ate some layers-pellets and breadcrumbs mashed up for my breakfast (chook equivalent of a lightly scrambled egg).

I'm now well on the road to recovery; everyone in The House was very worried about me, they say I'm very sensitive for a hen, but then I am no ORDINARY hen!  ;o)

Friday, August 20

Squatters rights?

Thankyou all very much for your help with my problem last week when Martina comandeered my newly excavated dug-out, causing me to miss out on my favourite dustbath.

I took the advice Bertha gave me about Asserting My Authority .
It must have worked because Martina has been very well behaved ever since.

In return, I've turned a blind eye to her stealing my straw in the middle of the night to replenish her own nest. . . after all, she's the one laying the eggs so she needs a good nights sleep to build up her push-power.

So. . .what tips can you all give me on removing the latest squatter?
I turned my back for one minute to chase a grasshopper and the next moment Kit was curled up sound asleep in my nice fresh crater.

Should I start worrying about a visit from Bruce the Horse?

Friday, August 13

what do we do with a problem like Martina?

It was my idea to build a dugout under the hedge

I dug mine and settled in for a good dust bath

and then Martina comes along and has to re-arrange everything

no its not in the right place, not the right size, not deep enough....

and before you know it, she's dug in,

fluffing and huffing and puffing and preening like she's
somebody special

and there isn't room for two. . .in fact with her EGGO there's hardly room for one!

I retreated under the hedge and left her to it.
Just wait til bedtime.
She's not getting any room on the perch!

Friday, August 6

Uh oh. . .Henny Penny PIE!!

Uh oh!

pieminister have added another pie to their range.

If you don't hear from me next week. . .
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