Thursday, September 16

The Poultry Pages

When I overheard The People saying you could find answers on the Web, I went to see the spider in the corner of the woodshed to ask him that age-old riddle "who came first. . ."
Unfortunately Martina walked past and, with her hunger for knowledge promptly ate him, then The People came along with a broom so the site has been removed.

Martina says The People were actually talking about The Poultry Pages which is a fantastic website all about keeping chickens and other birds, and also allotments. They even have a free fortnightly newsletter.
I haven't seen it myself but it must be good because the information they found on it made me better.

How a spider knows all these things about chickens (and allotments) is beyond me, but I suppose if you can spin a web you can do pretty much anything. . .

Tuesday, September 14

Thankyou, normality has returned!

thankyou ALL for your kind wishes and concern, I am feeling much better today thankyou, my comb is standing up again and has returned to its nice shade of pinky-red instead of purple, which didn't suit me at all.
Everyone (even Martina) has been very nice to me, and I've had natural yoghurt and grapes to build up my strength, and cider vinegar in my water to help with the bacteria that had built up in my crop.
I rather enjoyed all the pampering, and Martina was quite jealous!
The People said they were quite worried about me, and spoke to the vet who had the cheek to say I was rather old!
I'll be posting again very shortly.
With lots and lots of love
Henny Penny xx
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