Wednesday, October 13

I want some attention!!

So how is a girl supposed to get the attention of The People these days?!

I've been wanting to dictate a post for AGES, but since She came up with this idea for
Vintage at the Village Hall
everything at Henny Towers has been a mad whirl of discussing flyers, organising advertising and compiling floor-plans.

I've tried to make suggestions but they've been rudely ignored. . .and I think I probably know more about flyers than people without wings don't you?

On the plus side, all the cake baking going on in the kitchen in order to find the best recipes for The Day means lots of chookie titbits to be had, and even if Martina thinks she'll get first choice by tapping on the window, I can limp up and down outside the back door with my poor lame leg and ALWAYS get more sympathy. . .and more cake!
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